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Ryuichi Sakamoto, by Jeannette Montgomery Barron.

Drawing by Robert Kuta, 2014

oh kuta

Mark Cohen


Roderrick Justin Ferrell (born March 28, 1980) was a member of a loose-knit gang of teenagers from Murray, Kentucky, known as the “Vampire Clan”. In 1998, Ferrell pled guilty to the double slaying of a couple from Eustis, Florida, becoming the youngest person in the United States on Death Row. Originally sentenced to death, Ferrell’s penalty has since been reduced to life without parole. Ferrell told people that he was a 500-year-old vampire named Vesago. He was also diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome.

Yves Saint Laurent A/W 2000-01 fittings, photographed by Steven Klein.

issey miyake